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Google Places or Google Maps Is your business listed? If not let us help you

Google have many things that are must haves for any business. The two main places that your business should be using are.

Google Places / Google Maps

Most commonly known as Google Maps because it is a map on the right hand side of the search engine pages which shows business locations but it is actually called Google Places. It is free to enter your information and there are ways to optimize your listing so you get to appear higher up the map.

Google Places is more important than most people realize, not only do people see it straight away when they do a search, but many phones use that data to direct people. Android phones run a system which is actually designed by Google, their voice search uses this data so when asked for a "Accountant in St George" they will automatically return one of the businesses listed in Google Places. 

If you would like us to set up your Google places page or help you optimize your current listing please call us on (435) 767-0324

Google Plus

You will almost certainly of heard of Facebook, Google+ is the latest attempt by Google to enter the social market. It is (at the moment) far more business orientated than Facebook, they are also showing pages from Google+ in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

It costs you nothing to have a page on Google Plus, you do need to have a gmail account but I would suggest your company have one of those anyway. Whether or not you use your gmail account is up to you but you should definitely be using your Google Plus page.

If you would like us to set up your Google+ page or help you optimize your current listing please call us on (435) 767-0324

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  • Your business logo is far more important than most people ever think.

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