Many business people get scared as soon as you mention ecommerce, in years past trying to start your own online store would cost as much as opening a real world location.

Times have changed, you can now have your very own online store with 100 products for as little as $2500 and $25 per month. If you have more products that is ok, you will pay more but it is still affordable. .

Do I Need An Ecommerce Site?

Here at Blue Fly Marketing we will always give you an honest answer to that question, if it is not the right choice for your business then we will tell you that and give you some advice on the most profitable path for your business.

Having your own website to sell products from is one of the easiest ways to increase your sales. You would spend more on a yellow pages advert that would not come out for months and no one outside your area will see (and many within your area won't see them). 

Having your own eCommerce site is a quick way to reach new clients, offer coupons, increase interaction with your present customers and grow your business. You can use it to sell retail and wholesale if you wish to.

People are spending more and more time online, everyone who has a smartphone is constantly connected and when they want to buy a product they look online.

The forecast is for over $150Billion to be spent online in 2011, that number is not going to get any smaller so the question is how much of that spend are you going to get.

We understand that you will have questions about whether an ecommerce site is right for your business so do feel free to give us a call. We will be happy to arrange an appointment to either talk to you on the phone or if you are local you could come join us in our office in St George for a one on one appointment.

  • Many business people get scared as soon as you mention ecommerce

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