In the same way that not every business is the same, not every business website is the same. Different business types need different visual and descriptive elements. If your customers are all men, or women, then they will respond differently to the colors and images.

People are in a hurry, we make sure that your website has the elements needed to allow them to make quick decisions. It is amazing how many websites make it almost impossible to find the company phone number, the harder you make if for a customer to find what they want the more likely it is they will give up and go elsewhere.

Location Location

People who are looking for a local business want to be able to find that business, so we include maps showing your location of the areas your business services as standard. Tell people right away when you are open for business, where you are and what you do. This means that when the customer calls you they are already a warm lead, you just need to convert them to a paying customer.


Everyone wants to see who they will be dealing with so it makes sense to have photos of your location and team right there on the site. When a customer recognizes one of your staff from the website it can make them feel as if they have a personal connection.


When you say Video to anyone they instantly think it is going to cost them 10's of thousands of dollars. We will take your photos and together with your company logo we make your very own video. The video can then be used on your website as well being used on You Tube to share with others.

Website Marketing

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Ecommerce Websites

If you have products to sell, whether they are physical or digital, you may benefit from having your own ecommerce website. Read more on Ecommerce Websites

Websites are available from just $750

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  • Many business people get scared as soon as you mention ecommerce

  • Search engine optimization and Search engine marketing are mostly

  • Facebook is a great place to reach out to your customers and build

  • Your business logo is far more important than most people ever think.

  • Google are the biggest search engine with over 70% of all search

  • In the same way that not every business is the same, not every business